7 Effective Product Packaging Tips for Your eCommerce Business

There is a great number of factors that affect the way your customers see your company and brand’s services. Product packaging is one of these factors that can be the first and the last opportunity of impressing your customers.

Product packaging, as it suggests, is the way your products are presented to the customers. It can tell a whole story about your company and the way you want your products to be perceived by the customers.

Within a few seconds, you can let your customer know about the USP (unique selling points) of your brand through appropriate packaging. Many eCommerce sellers make the mistake of not paying enough attention to the product packaging and miss the golden opportunity of making a good impression of the customers.

If you want to have a captivating product packaging for your company, you should adopt the following seven effective strategies.

1.    Make your requirements clear

You should have a clear vision of the packaging design in your mind. There are many different ways in which you can get cardboard boxes designed in Malaysia. The design of the packaging includes the size, visuals, colours, and shape of the box.

It’s recommended to design your boxes according to the type and scale of your company. While contacting box packaging suppliers in Malaysia, consider the following factors for a proper design:

The type of products you sell in your eCommerce store.

The way you want your brand to be perceived by the customers.

The use of the brand’s logo and visual on the boxes.

Different cardboard boxes design available on the market and the ones used by your competitors.

2.    Choose an appropriate size

Make sure that the size and the design of the cardboard box you have selected can contain all of the products offered by your eCommerce store. You can get different sizes of boxes designed through a box packaging supplier in Malaysia, such as Golden Corrugated Box (M) Sdn. Bhd.

3.    Flexible Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is extremely important for the growth of your brand. Businesses that offer eco-friendly options are likely to be the choice of the majority of the customers.

Thus choosing the right cardboard packaging is significant to attract the customers and play your role in sustainable economic development while protecting the environment.

Moreover, cardboard packaging is better than plastic or other types of packaging because it reduces the weight, size, and shipping cost for the customers.

4.    Use a strong tape

The importance of taping cannot be understated when it comes to delivering products to your audience. You do not want to damage the sensitive products or deliver damaged boxes to your consumers.

Thus it’s a good idea to use a high-quality tape that has the ability to hold the packaging together and protect any valuables in it. By adding your eCommerce’s logo and name on the tape, you can perform three important tasks through taping, including:

Sealing the package

Protecting the products through strong packaging

Branding and promoting your online store

5.    Use eco-friendly fillers

Many different types of fillers are used in cardboard boxes to provide an extra layer of protection to the products. Popping bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts are the most common types of fillers.

However, they can pose ecological issues. Thus it’s recommended to use materials produced from natural products, such as wheat straw or mushroom roots as void-filler. Many established companies like Dell and Amazon have adopted such fillers and have enjoyed a massive reduction in the production cost.

6.    Make your packaging unique and conspicuous

You should not shy away from designing unique product packaging that can stand out easily. The use of vibrant colours and stylish design is bound to catch some eyeballs, which can help you in not only establishing a loyal customer base but also attracting new potential customers.

The corrugated boxes of your store should be designed in a way that people can recognize your brand from a distance.

7.    Provide a memorable unboxing experience

Unboxing a package should be a source of excitement and enjoyment for the customers. It is a very good opportunity for your eCommerce store to establish a loyal fanbase by providing them with a memorable unboxing experience. Some of the tips to achieve this are:

Add colour papers in your packaging

Write personalized notes for your customers

Add discounts or exclusive offers in the packaging

No idea how to create a special unboxing experience? Check on the Top 11 packaging winner to get some ideas.

In the era of social media and YouTube, unboxing videos of various products from different brands have become quite common. Your brand can get popular quite quickly if it can attract people through excellent packaging and unboxing experience. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our professionals.

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