Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Box Packaging

Product packaging is a delicate thing, one that should be done with utmost care to ensure the safety of products against damage during shipping.

While cardboard boxes are often used for packaging, some normal boxes are not so efficient in packaging fragile goods.

Therefore, industrially, the material used for packaging fragile goods and hazardous products for shipment are corrugated cardboard boxes.

A corrugated cardboard box is the industrial standard for packaging in Malaysia, and this material offers a wide range of benefits due to its high-quality and the strong material which it is made of (as opposed to normal boxes).

One of the numerous benefits that a corrugated cardboard box boast of is that it is capable of withstanding all the bumps and irregular movements associated with the transportation of goods over long journeys on the road.

A corrugated board or corrugated carton box Malaysia is made of a high tech material known as “fluting“.

The system of manufacturing is an advanced computer-based system, making the material of an evident high-quality and perfectly fit for packaging industrial goods where safety is foremost.

So what exactly are the benefits derived from using a corrugated cardboard box packaging?

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Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard Box Packaging

1. Customizable

A corrugated box is easily customizable, giving the manufacturer the ease of creating a nice-looking artwork on the material to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the customers.

High-resolution graphics can easily be printed upon the material should you desire to brand in your company’s logo or name.

2. Many types

A corrugated carton box Malaysia comes in a wide variety of quality and types to meet the varying levels of protection that different products may require.

The box can be coated and treated with adhesives, and can even be treated to be fire-resistant should the shipment be at a high risk of inflammation.

It also provides thermal insulation for products which are susceptible to heat.

3. Resistant

It can resist all manner of shock and impact characteristic of bumpy and irregular road.

4. Convenient

These boxes are easily maneuvered and reshaped to take the form of the product which they are covering and protecting.

Because of that, corrugated boxes are a perfect fit for any product no matter how awkward the shape of the product is.

5. Safe

A corrugated cardboard box Malaysia is a perfect cushion for products, giving the items the kind of safety required during shipping over a long distance, and handling.

The box can be made to be thicker to provide a better cushion for more fragile items that are even at a high risk of damage.

6. Water-resistant

Corrugated board is water-resistant, and this is required, especially for food products that can get spoilt at the slightest contact with moisture.

7. Cost-effective

These special kinds of boxes, despite their quality and a wide variety of benefits, are very cost-effective.

Corrugated boxes are one of the least expensive kinds of boxes available for product packaging.

Their cheapness derives from the fact that they don’t require much labor or costly tools to manufacture, and their lightweight, thus producing meager cost of shipping.

8. Sustainable

They are highly sustainable. A corrugated carton box Malaysia is easily recyclable.

You can easily fold them up after use and keep for a long time to be used again at a later date, with the quality still intact.

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Types of Products That Requires Protection of Corrugated Cardboard Box Packaging

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1. Electronics

Electronic products are highly sensitive to shocks and bumps, and a bad bump might render such products damaged, causing a loss to the company.

To avoid this, good protection against bumps should be in place in the form of corrugated board packaging.

Also, customers are more attracted to fancy packaging. So if a company desires to rise above their competition, the best graphically designed corrugated packaging should be employed.

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2. Vegetables

Food products like vegetables are very fragile and perishable, and damage at the slightest form of moisture.

Corrugated packaging, which is moisture-resistant, should be used to prevent this.

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3. Processed foods

Most customers look at the quality of packaging before purchasing processed foods.

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4. Consumer durables

When delivering a large number of items to a consumer which he or she has put a lot of money into, the right packaging should be used to protect such goods from damage.

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5. Glass products

This goes without saying. Due to the high level of fragility associated with glasses, these products should be protected with very thick corrugated packaging.


As a brand, it is a marketing skill to deliver products to customers just as would be pleasing to them, and to even go beyond their expectations.

Selling products — no matter how good the product is — in poor packaging would make customers turn their faces away from the product at first glance since the packaging is what they first see.

Packaging gives insight into what lies within, and a high-quality packaging speaks of a high-quality product within.

Use corrugated cardboard box packaging for all your products, as this would ensure optimum safety and protection for your products, as well as attract customers your way.

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