Chipboard Box/Paper Packaging: Benefits and How to Use It

A chipboard box, also called a paperboard or carton box, is a packaging box used to contain various products in different industries.

It is made from recycled paper and processed in the form of layers to produce a firm and smooth sheet.

Such boxes have significant density and thickness. As such, these carton boxes are suitable for crafting, industrial packaging, and commercial usage.

It is not always necessary for businesses to use hard cardboard boxes for maximum protection of the products.

Instead, chipboard boxes also play an integral role in the safe packaging and shipping of the products.

A major reason behind the massive popularity of chipboard is that custom box packaging Malaysia can convert chipboard into boxes of different sizes, shapes, and strengths.

As a result, different types of businesses can enjoy numerous chipboard solutions to package every kind of product.

Following are the major types of chipboard boxes available in the market:

a. Apparel Boxes

It is not necessary to put apparel products boxes that provide maximum support.

Chipboard apparel boxes are quite popular among businesses, especially online stores because they can easily store clothing and other retail items while shipping.

Furthermore, apparel boxes are available in different sizes to accommodate clothing items of all sizes.

b. Gift Boxes

Gift boxes and folding carton boxes are reliable for packaging and shipping small items like jewellery, gifts, and other such items.

They are also available in different shapes and sizes to ensure you can use them to fill different kinds of products.

Generally, the simple gift cardboard boxes are enough to fulfil your requirements, but you also have the option of customizing such boxes by contacting custom box packaging in Malaysia.

c. Chipboard Pads

Chipboard pads are heavily used by different businesses to provide extra protection to the items contained within a carton box. For example, these are typically used for the packaging of photos, artwork, and other such documents.

Moreover, chipboard pads can also be added to the top layer of traditional packaging carton boxes to get additional protection from box cutters used to open the package. These pads are available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Benefits of Cardboard Box Packaging

The e-commerce industry is playing a vital role in making chipboard box packaging more popular among businesses.

There is a great demand for sustainable and reliable packaging material like cardboard.

Businesses owners and managers are also needed to constantly evaluate the business strategy to keep attracting more people, including eco-conscious individuals.

More businesses should consider using chipboard carton boxes for packaging purposes because they provide the following benefits:

1. Affordability

Generally, producing chipboard boxes is about 20% cheaper than manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes.

Moreover, the shipping cost of chipboard boxes is slightly cheaper because they are thinner.

Hence, businesses, especially small online businesses, can greatly benefit from the cost-effectiveness of chipboard boxes and save a significant amount of money in the long run.

2. Protection

You can use the chipboard material as a full-fledged box or as pads to provide additional protection to the products.

By adding chipboard into your packaging process, you will enjoy a greater chance of your products arriving safely at the desired destination.

Products like bottles and jars are likely to be shipped in traditional carton boxes, but adding a chipboard pad will protect it from breaking or scratching. It also prevents leakage.

Box packaging suppliers in Malaysia can easily help you get the right kind of carton boxes and pads to ensure maximum protection of your products.

3. Flexibility

Since chipboard boxes are significantly thinner than cardboard boxes, it becomes easier to mold them in different shapes and sizes.

Moreover, the entire process of cutting, folding, and shaping the chipboard boxes can be completed in a short period.

4. Sustainability

Chipboard is mainly made from recycled pressed paper, which consumes less energy and manpower during the manufacturing process.

It is easier to recycle chipboard and start the entire cycle again.

Sustainability also plays an important role in the success of businesses nowadays because consumers are becoming more eco-conscious.


Chipboard carton boxes have many different uses and benefits and are becoming more and more popular in various types of businesses.

The good thing is that custom box packaging in Malaysia is also available to create boxes of varying sizes and shapes to cater to numerous products.

As a result, all types of companies and online businesses can start enjoying the benefits of chipboard boxes by relying on box packaging suppliers in Malaysia.

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