Corrugated Boxes vs Kraft Boxes: What is the Difference

Packaging requirements are varied for different businesses. This is where understanding various packaging options becomes important. Let’s look at the two common types of boxes used for packaging goods.

Corrugated boxes are formed from corrugated stocks, which are made with multiple layers of paperboard that provide the desired shape and style for packaging boxes.

Such boxes are used effectively as shipping containers, which are one of the most popular solutions utilized for packaging and shipping.

The customizable and cost-effective benefits of such boxes make them an effective choice for packaging. Corrugated boards are available at an extremely low cost and can be used effectively as per your preferences.

It is used at a greater rate for unit packaging of products, which are commonly seen in retail. The easy maintenance of such boxes, which do not require any kind of extra material for assembly, makes them one of the preferred choices of users.


What are Kraft Boxes?

Kraft boxes developed with the help of high-quality kraft stock and kraft paper are considered one of the amazing packaging stocks utilized for shipping goods effectively.

The qualities of kraft paper help in the development of better kraft boxes that are extremely eco-friendly, durable, and customizable. Kraft paper is also utilized while making corrugated boards, which can be used to pack boxes effectively per customers’ interests.

Kraft is considered a special type of material that can take different kinds of pressures, depending on the user’s needs. One of the unique features of such boxes is their strength, which comes from their ability to add different corrugated layers.


Differences between Corrugated boxes and Kraft Boxes

Differences between Corrugated boxes and kraft boxes can however be seen when it comes to the nature of the boxes, compatibility, economic aspect, and so on.

The eco-friendly nature and enhanced quality of boxes are the common factors seen in such boxes, which help in their effective usage for transporting any kind of product with varied pressure.

Quality services are provided to customers by using materials like paper and board of high quality which can be customized as per the need of users. The important differences between corrugated and kraft boxes are the following:

1. Sealing and The Ease of Printing
Kraft boxes require proper sealing with the help of a broad tape whereas the other does not require any kind of extra material for their assembly. Hence, digital printing is extremely appealing on these boxes where any kind of design can be easily printed on the same.

2. Customization of Packaging Boxes
Customized boxes are developed through corrugated stock where boxes can be shaped into any style, whereas kraft boxes are normally seen in rectangular or square shapes.

As boxes in different shapes can be developed through corrugated stock, customers who wish to have pillow boxes, triangular boxes, and so on, prefer the same as per their interests.

3. Flexibility and Durability
Such boxes made with corrugated boards and stock can be made in different sizes with high flexibility and durability. The rigid and less flexible nature of kraft boxes makes it difficult to carry out different experiments on such boxes.

4. Compatibility for Printing
While dealing with the compatibility for printing, the corrugated stock has a high level of compatibility with the printing process.

In the case of kraft stock, the process of bleaching has to be carried out before taking it for printing purposes. It can also be seen that the safety of the products is also more in kraft boxes when compared to the other.

5. Economical Packaging Boxes
In comparison to kraft boxes, corrugated is more economical as the enhanced thickness and durability of kraft boxes make them costlier than the other.

The firmness and strength of a box increases the price of the stock. Even though both boxes are considered economical packaging boxes, the thickness of kraft boxes makes them a bit costly in comparison to corrugated and cardboard boxes.



Corrugated and Kraft boxes can be used for various packaging requirements. These boxes are easy to use, sustainable, affordable, and functional, and they can be used effectively for business development.

Such boxes can be used for effective packaging for goods of different types and weights. Strong papers and boards are used during packaging to ensure that the materials are transported safely and effectively.

The boxes made with 100% recycled material have good quality and thickness, which can be altered as per the nature of the materials. The use of such boxes helps in the effective packaging and transportation of different products and materials as per the needs of customers.

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