How to Attract Customers with a Custom Box Packaging

Order fulfilment has become a multifaceted process for businesses, especially the e-commerce industry. Once you get an order, it means all your marketing strategies have been successful in acquiring the customers. The next step is to create attractive packaging for your customer and send the product.

There are certain important things to keep in mind to ensure the product is safely delivered to the customer. Besides the product’s safety, it is also important to pay attention to the overall packaging style and design.

This plays an integral role in establishing a loyal customer base by giving your customers a memorable unboxing experience.

Keep reading this article to learn how to attract customers through custom box packaging in Malaysia.

1. Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience has become more important than ever due to the rapid rise of social media and an increasing number of social media influencers.

You should design an attractive box by keeping in mind that there is a high chance your customer will make an unboxing video or at least share its picture on social media.

Businesses should use colours that create certain impressions on the customers. For instance, green is typically used for natural and organic products, while black is used when you want to create a mysterious impact.

Modern packaging solutions from box packaging suppliers in Malaysia allow you to add other sensory elements as well.

2. Use Illustrations

Other than using attractive colours, you should also use images to attract more customers. These images can greatly vary depending on the overall brand of your business and specific product.

Using custom box packaging is a unique opportunity to use compelling ideas and send a message to your customers about your products.

Always print a bright and HD image on the packaging box to make it unique and attractive. You can use pictures of celebrities on cosmetic boxes, but you should consider the copyright issues in this scenario.

Similarly, if you are distributing children’s products, you should use pictures of cartoon characters on the packaging.

3. Multi-Purpose Packaging Boxes

A lot of people use packaging boxes for different purposes like storing valuable and small items like jewellery.

Therefore, ask the carton box suppliers to provide you with boxes that can store different types of products.

It will definitely attract more customers and convince them to buy your product because of the unique qualities of the packaging boxes.

4. Personalization

Personalizing the packaging box is an efficient way of quickly impressing your customer. However, you will need certain information before tailoring the overall shopping experience for the customer.

You should show details like the age of the customer, their location, and a little bit about what they do in life.

Your goal should be to deliver a real-life shopping experience to the customers through your packaging.

Whether it is a small purchase or a large order, focus on personalizing the packaging through a reliable custom box packaging supplier in Malaysia.

Social media has made it easy for online businesses to personalize the box packaging because you can easily visit the social media profile of your customer and gather important information about them to write a small note on the packaging box.

It is a quick and cost-effective way of making sure the customers will always remember their experience of shopping with you online and possibly return to buy more products.

5. Social Media Friendly

The packaging of your products should be social media-friendly because people nowadays love to share the products they like on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Major global brands have made their marks in competitive industries by creating attractive and unique packaging with a high shareability rate.

Business should encourage their customers to rate and share their shopping experience on social media and use hashtags to build an online brand.

Such strategies act as free advertising and generate good word-of-mouth for your company on social media networks.

Final Takeaway

The bottom line is that using customized and strong carton boxes is important to provide a fulfilling experience to the customers and ensure the products are delivered without any damage.

Make sure you are using reliable solutions from carton box suppliers in Malaysia because no customer wants to receive broken or damaged products.

Ultimately, attractive custom box packaging will help you build a brand with a large loyal customer base.

As more people become familiar with your unique style of packaging and memorable unboxing experience, you will start making more money and take your business to the next level.

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