How to Choose the Best Packaging Tape for Carton Boxes?

Some businesses make the mistake of ignoring the importance of packaging tapes in the packaging procedures. In fact, choosing a suitable packaging tape is as important as other packaging strategies to ensure the contents of the carton boxes are kept safe and secure.

For instance, if you choose an incorrect packaging tape, it can result in significant product damage, especially during the shipping procedures. As a result, it can adversely impact the reputation of your company and lower customer satisfaction.

There is a variety of packaging tapes available in the market that you can use to seal carton boxes and corrugated boxes to store and ship the products safely. In this article, we will walk you through how to choose the best packaging tape for carton boxes.

1. Tape Grades

There are different types, grades, and qualities of packaging tapes. These grades determine the levels of film and adhesive thickness. You have to consider factors like carton size, weight, and shipping conditions to choose the right grade of tape.

Generally, you should choose high-quality tapes to ensure maximum protection of the contents placed inside the carton box.

2. Strength

The packaging tape that you use must have a good breaking strength. It means the tape should be able to tolerate a significant amount of force exerted on it before it starts breaking. The weight of the box plays an important role in determining the breaking strength of the tape.

Similarly, the adhesive strength is dependent on the type of adhesive. Since acrylic glue does not stick to plastic, it is recommended that you use solvent or hot melt adhesives that work for all types of surfaces.

3. Impact of Weather Conditions

When choosing a suitable packaging tape, it is important to consider the production, storage, and shipping conditions, including the temperature and environmental conditions to ensure the best quality of the seal.

Generally, the packaging tape should have significant resistance to extreme weather conditions like rain and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Considering the impact of the weather conditions becomes even more important when your business is involved in international shipping and there is a great potential that the packaging seal of the corrugated box can get damaged during transportation.

You can also discuss these conditions and requirements with the box packaging supplier to ensure you are selecting the best packaging tape.

4. Product Types

The content of the carton box and the kind of product you want to store and ship is also an important factor when selecting the best packaging tape.

You should also consider the type of box you want to seal as there are numerous types of carton boxes like corrugated boxes, recycled boxes, double wall boxes, and many others. These types of boxes have their own set of pros and cons, so you should consider them before making a decision.

If you use the services of a custom box supplier in Malaysia, you can easily select the right kind of carton box and packaging tape based on their recommendation.

5. Application Methods

Packaging tapes can be applied by two different methods. In the manual method, a hand-held tape dispenser is used; in the automatic method, an automatic case sealer is used.

Businesses typically choose one of these two methods to seal the carton boxes. You should determine the method before selecting the packaging tape.

If you choose to seal the carton boxes and corrugated boxes manually, you will get benefits like easy unwinding and strong film strength to minimize stretching and breaking. On the other hand, if you are using quiet tapes, it is beneficial to workers who work in close proximity.

Additionally, automated box packaging and sealing are useful in reducing tape breakage due to stretching and tearing. This method is right for businesses that need packaging tapes that provide instant adhesion and sealing on the carton boxes.

6. Tape Colours

The colour of the tape affects the overall aesthetics of the package. You should know that clear wrapping tape is significantly more adhesive because it does not contain any pigments. On the other hand, carrier film contains no dyes and has pigments to give a light brown colour.

In Closing

We hope the aforementioned tips are useful to you when it comes to choosing the best packaging tape for the carton boxes.

For further enquiries, feel free to get in touch with Golden Corrugated Box (M) Sdn Bhd, your reliable and professional custom box supplier in Malaysia. Our specialists will be pleased to offer you a recommendation based on your package size, weight, and shipping conditions.

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