How to Package Fresh Durian for Export

Durian is a common tropical fruit that is enjoyed by a wide range of people. Since Malaysian durian fruits are harvested sun-ripened before they spontaneously collapse to the bottom, they require extremely vigilant packing, storage, and transportation for export.

What Is the Procedure for Processing and Packing Fresh Durian?

To be exported to any country or region, durian must follow certain hygiene standards, have a long shelf life, and be packaged well to protect them during international shipping.

Durian pulps and entire durians with shells can be frozen quickly and vacuum sealed.

Vacuum packaging, vacuum skin packaging (VSP), and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) changed atmosphere packaging are the most common durian packaging types.

Packaging machines for these packing types have varying production capacities, allowing durian processing factories to choose the best equipment for their needs.

Vacuum Packing Machine for Whole Frozen Durian

Before exportation, the entire frozen durian must be vacuum-packed. As a result, vacuum packing machines are very common in the packaging process. Since the weight and scale of whole durians vary greatly, size sorting is needed before packing.

Since a whole durian is a comparatively large commodity to be vacuum-sealed, chamber vacuum sealers, specifically equipped for a deep cavity of about 20cm, are widely used.

Overview of a vacuum sealer with Double chambers

A double chamber vacuum sealer, also known as a double chamber vacuum packaging machine, is a type of industrial vacuum bag sealing machine that can seal food and non-food products.

The most significant benefit of a double chamber vacuum sealer is that it has two operating chambers and one swing chamber cover, eliminating the need to wait and waste time after inserting the bags in the vacuum chamber.

The packaging productivity of a double chamber vacuum sealer system is double that of a single chamber vacuum sealer.

Vacuum Packing Unit for Durian Pulps

For frozen durian pulps, there are usually two types of vacuum packaging machines based on output capacity.

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine, for small and medium capacity requirement;

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for highest packaging efficiency and labour saving.

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine for Durian Pulps

The double chamber vacuum sealer for the entire frozen durian is the same for durian pulps. You should be able to vacuum pack entire frozen durians and frozen durian pulps with only one unit.

Another vacuum packing durian pulps with double chamber vacuum sealers is to vacuum seal durian pulps in trays. The durian pulps must be placed in trays, then vacuum bags, and then vacuum sealed using a chamber vacuum sealer in this process.

Thermoforming Packaging Machine for Durian Pulps

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machines are often the first option when it comes to large-scale vacuum packaging manufacturing.

Just 1-2 operators are needed to place the durian pulps into the moulded containers with this unit. There’s no need to use vacuum bags or remove the vacuum-sealed packs from the chamber. Almost everything is pre-programmed.

vacuum pack durian

VSP Vacuum Skin Pack for Durian Pulps

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) has always been a common value-added packaging option. The VSP pack will successfully extend the shelf life of durian while showing the original form and colour of durian pulps, allowing buyers to be quickly drawn in by the presentation and make a purchase.

Business owners can see a big increase in both unit price and sales volume of durians in the market, particularly in supermarkets, with a little more investment in vacuum skin packaging machines.

Frozen Durian Paste Vacuum Packaging Machine

Durian paste is great as toppings for vanilla ice cream when diluted with creme fraiche, heavy cream, or pure unsweetened yoghurt until it has a somewhat runny consistency, etc.

Business owners can always vacuum pack frozen durian paste with a double chamber vacuum packing unit for a general output capacity.

In a Nutshell

In delivering the final product to the retailer or consumer, it’s essential to package the product in the appropriate carton box for a good presentation.

Corrugated boxes are great for delivering whole frozen durian because it helps to stop the pungent odour that comes with the fruit.

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