Sustainable Shipping With Carton Boxes

The importance of corrugated cardboard packaging in terms of environment-friendliness and sustainability cannot be overstated. The primary benefit of cardboard packing boxes is that they are recyclable, compared to the plastic vessels which pollute the environment. Moreover, the cardboard can be recycled and reused in many other things other than the boxes.

The efforts to use products that are environmentally sustainable has dramatically increased in the last few years. Therefore, a large number of carton box suppliers, including those in Malaysia, have started to turn towards cardboard packaging as it is eco-friendly and minimizes the carbon footprint. Another reason for this switch is that now customers prefer eco-friendly packaging boxes so the suppliers have become more conscious of the packaging options to stand out in the competition.

The following are the top 5 reasons why sustainable shipping with carton boxes is essential.

1. Recyclable

Corrugated boxes are eco-friendly as they are 70% to 100% recyclable. Usage of old papers and the absence of bleaches and dyes in the making of corrugated carton boxes make them eco-friendly as well. Large carton boxes are usually used when moving house.

These boxes can be recycled by putting them in a nearby recycling box after flat packing them. Moreover, offices that have a large number of boxes regularly usually have contracts with recycling plants to collect the boxes every week.

2. Reusable

Carton boxes are reusable. They can easily be folded and stored for later use in homes, offices and various stores. It reduces the manufacturing costs and the environmental impact of the boxes as well.

If you don’t need a carton box anymore and have used it just once, you should not throw it away as it will be harmful to the environment. Instead, you can undertake the following steps:

Put the carton box in a recycling bin. Such bins are available in many housing areas or near supermarkets.

Some websites are available, which can take the used carton boxes.

Contact the carton box supplier from whom you got the boxes initially. Sometimes, they may take the box back for recycling.

Sell the boxes to an online carton box supplier.

If you have used the boxes during moving from one place to another, you can fold the boxes and store them. Folded carton boxes can easily be stored as they do not take up much space.

Stored carton boxes can be used again, or you can give them to a friend if the need arises.

Boxes can also be used to store something in the basement or your attic.

There are a variety of art and craft things that can be designed from carton boxes. You can create a playhouse for your kids.

The boxes can be used for decorations.

Carton boxes are also useful in insulation, or you can give them to a homeless person.

Even after the cartons have been damaged, you can use them for saving documents, protecting floors, or redecoration.

3. Renewable

Carton boxes are majorly composed of timber from rapidly-growing pine trees in addition to a large percentage of recycling material. The material for the corrugated packaging boxes is harvested from sustainable forests. After harvesting the timber, seeds are planted to restart the cycle.

4. Resource Efficiency

Since the corrugated carton boxes are reusable and recyclable, they are energy-efficient as well because fewer resources are needed to manufacture them. Carton box suppliers create the boxes with the help of recycled materials, so the energy and resources required are minimal. Moreover, transportation charges and vehicular pollution is reduced as the number of things needed to create the boxes is also minimized.

5. Protection for the Products

Usually, the carton box suppliers provide the boxes in rectangular shapes. However, custom box packaging is also available in Malaysia. Whatever may be the case, a reasonable number of things can be fitted into the box. As a result, more stuff can be shifted in less number of vehicles, and the transportation of products is made easy.

Therefore, transportation costs and carbon footprint are significantly reduced. Moreover, carton box suppliers also transport the carton boxes flat-packed as this allows them to move a large number of boxes, reducing emissions. The boxes are cost-efficient and durable as well.

Where to get your carton boxes?

Carton box suppliers in Malaysia, such as Golden Corrugated Box, offers the finest corrugated packaging boxes. We have eco-friendly and recyclable boxes. Many more options are available for the customers, including custom boxes. These carton boxes are made eco-friendly, efficient, and suitable according to the customer’s requirements. For more information, get in touch with us.

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