Types of Box Packaging for Shipping

Boxes! These simple items are regarded as one of the best human inventions. In fact, they are also the backbone of the packaging industry. The packaging industry relies heavily on them that till today, boxes remain the best means of packaging anything packable.

Businesses benefit from these boxes, which can be purchased from a box packaging supplier in Malaysia.

As a retailer or a marketer, you can make use of diverse types of boxes to your advantage. You can as well capture the attention of potential customers by incorporating captivating design on the boxes.

Boxes come in several shapes, colours, sizes and materials. Below are some of the types of boxes utilized for shipping packages.

folding carton boxes

1. Folding Carton Boxes

This type of boxes was the first to be used in the packaging industry. At a certain time, the folding carton box was used for packaging just expensive products, but with time, the trend ended. These carton boxes are now used by companies to package and ship their products to their customers all around the world.

The shipping industry makes use of these boxes often because they are quite easy to use and seal. When not in use, the folding carton boxes can be collapsed and then reassembled when you need their services. You can use them to ship light products such as shoes, clothes and canned goods.

rigid boxes

2. Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes, just as the name implies, are boxes that are used for packaging heavy items. If you are in search of a box that has optimum strength and durability, the rigid box is the ideal choice for you. This type of box is made from strong materials.

Often, this type of box will arrive in a different fabric, leather, or cute paper wrapping (not all arrive this way). This makes them look attractive to consumers. Rigid boxes are often used to ship fragile and sophisticated products such as mobile phones and other electronics.

custom corrugated fiber packaging

3. Corrugated Boxes

A corrugated box is used to ship heavy products. If you feel that rigid boxes won’t be able to support the products you want to ship, due to its bulkiness, then you can make use of corrugated boxes instead.

Corrugated boxes are made using a corrugated board. When heavy boxes are placed on a corrugated box, it will still maintain its firmness.

The sturdiness of the corrugated boxes has made them popular. These boxes are good at protecting goods and can be used when relocating from one house to another.

Full Overlap Boxes

4. Full Overlap Boxes

This box is equipped with an outer flap that extends over the width of the box. This feature of the box makes it strong and pretty tough.

It also provides you with a surface where you can make some designs to improve the product image.

roll end tuck up top box

5. Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

You can assemble a roll end tuck top box by simply folding it (it isn’t glue dependent). Roll end tuck top boxes are the best pick when you want to ship retail products such as cookies.

You have the freedom to customize these boxes in ways that you think would please your customers. For example, if you want to design a box for packaging a product such as cookies, you can make cookies sell themselves by making the top see-through.

Telescope Box

6. Telescope Boxes

Telescopic boxes come with two parts that can be detached. The two pieces are the base of the box and its lid. Boxes like this are ideal for presenting sophisticated products such as technology.

Collapsible Box

7. Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible boxes are ideal for shipping your products. It comes in a panoply of designs to select from, and it has features that can make your product unique. If you don’t want to spend much money on shipping costs, this is a box you should consider to ship your products.

The Bottom Line

In today’s modern world, boxes are predominant because of its usefulness, not only in the shipping industry but in other industries too.

They make packing easy, and some of these boxes come with features that can guarantee the safety of those high-end products you value so much. In fact, each type of box has its use, depending on what you intend to carry with them. For more information, contact our professional sales to assist you.

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